Boaring Experiences
Wild boar hunts

Russian cross feral hogs are hunted year round on rolling grassland hills, oak woodland, brush country, and agricultural fields.  We hunt several private ranches adding to thousands of acres in the Monterey County area of the Central California Coast near Paso Robles.  Monterey County consistently produces one of the highest harvest statistics for feral pigs.

Our hunts are fair chase - hold/bay dogs, pen raised pigs, truck chases, baiting, etc. are never used. If a high kill ratio is your greatest priority, honestly our fair chase methods may not be to your liking.  Typically we access hunting areas and cover country by four wheel drive vehicle and stalk on foot when game is spotted.

All that is needed on a Boaring Experiences guided hunt is your personal hunting gear, seasonal clothing, a California Hunting License and pig tags.  When choosing ammunition, please note that all of our hunting leases are in the "Non Lead" bullet area.  Transportation will be provided on the ranches as well as personal guide service and complete field dressing and skinning of your game.  Your trophy can be delivered to a high quality taxidermist at your option.

We run a long established and respected service that welcomes new and experienced hunters alike.  We honor all Fish & Game laws and are conscious of safety at all times.  Each client is treated to the best hunt we can provide.  We offer only high quality hunts on exclusive private ranches with knowledgeable, educated and experienced guides. 

Guided Wild Boar Hunts
Craig Boddington with guide Kyler Hamann made a terrific 275-yard shot with a Savage .300 Mag. across a large canyon on this meat pig.