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Boar Sight Shooting SChool

While we are still going strong with the guided hunting service, I am also offering shooting instruction.  Its geared primarily toward rifle shooters- strictly for the purpose of hunting.  This is not another sniper/counter-sniper/Armageddon shooting school but classes teaching hunters how to take more game, take animals cleanly and at longer distances with their hunting equipment.

We are able to teach and practice tough hunting shots with our steel target range.  Target distances include 225, 250, 300, 400, and 500 yards.  Additionally, we offer a running boar range as part of our pistol and 100-yard rifle range.

We offer shooting courses for hunting rifle, dangerous game rifle, varmint rifle and shotgun (wing & clay shooting) for shooters of beginning through advanced skill levels.  Whether you want to improve your skill or introduce your wife, children or friends to hunting we can help the shots at game count.  Courses in the Boar Sight Shooting School concentrate on becoming proficient at field shooting positions useful to hunters and are conducted using paper game targets on private ranches in hunting situations.  There are no benchrests in the field, we practice and teach practical field shooting positions and techniques in field conditions to make sure your hunting opportunities are not wasted due to missed shots.

Emphasis is on field shooting positions, use of natural rests, time constraints in hunting situations, range estimation, long distance shooting, shooting up and down steep slopes, moving targets, shot placement on animal targets, etc.  Most importantly you will GAIN CONFIDENCE WITH YOUR GUN.  I will share my 20+ years of experience, guiding thousands of hunters, in the outfitting business to pass on useful knowledge. This is not a course where you take my word for every situation, we go in the field and you shoot live ammunition to really learn what techniques work best for you.  You can review your hits and learn what you need to practice before your next hunt.  You will shoot a lot and become more proficient with your hunting gun(s).  You will learn what your shooting strengths are, what your weaknesses are and how to practice to improve your hunting skills.

Also keep in mind we can work on your shotgun shooting skills too.   Near Parkfield we have a fully automated 5-stand sporting clays course on a private ranch.  With a level 1 NSCA shooting instruction certification, 2 California State NSCA titles and 4 times on the All State Team, Kyler will be able to get you hitting more consistently.

Beginning through advanced skill levels are welcome.  Let me know your groups specific goals and we'll work to achieve them.  Feel free to email with any questions.

Rifle shooting instruction is $600 per day (without meals or lodging), shotgun instruction is $700 per day.  Targets are included and your group can consist of up to 4 shooters so you can split the cost with friends and family.  Deposit is $300 per day.

Shooting instruction can be added during the downtime of a hunt (add $100 per day) or if the student is progressing well we can end shooting instruction with hunting.

Comments from Boar Sight Shooting School students after the course:

Recently, Weatherby’s marketing department attended the hunter’s shooting training and found it to be outstanding. Kyler’s knowledge, professionalism, and instructional skill made for a top notch course.  I believe this is a “must-do” course for anyone, regardless of age or experience, to ensure successful (and ethical) hunting experiences.  

Mike Schwiebert

VP, Marketing

Weatherby, Inc.

"I had the privilege of taking my wife and two children to Kyler’s shooting training for hunters.  It was a top notch experience that prepared my family for a variety of hunting environments.  I know that we will each put into practice the principles we learned this coming hunting season. Kyler’s professional, yet practical approach was just what we needed. I look forward to attending his shotgun course with my family soon!”  

Adam Weatherby

"Dear Kyler

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed and learned from your rifle hunting school.  I really needed something more than the usual "shoot from a bench rest on the rifle range" experience.  Now I know what shots I can make and what shots I should not attempt in order to have a high probability of getting a clean kill.  Thanks again for all your help.

Colin Cooper

Orange, CA"


It was truly our pleasure.  You run a good school, and it was truly lovely country.



"Hello Kyler.

Thank you again for teaching the class. We both really enjoyed the time and learned a lot, too. The exercise of calling my shots is very helpful to me and Todd. .....

We both have much better knowledge of what we can accomplish in each of the shooting positions.  We liked the relaxed atmosphere with a good mix of safety and always something to do and learn.

We would recommend your class to anyone who wants to be a better hunter.

Thank you again,

Jean and Todd"

Email or call (805) 461-0294 for group or family rates, special class sessions or corporate events.

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